Joyful Marriages



My book "Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome" has gone into a THIRD printing! Thank you faithful readers!

We have heard from many pastors who are recommending it to ALL the couples they counsel. One church is calling it "required reading" for their pre-marital classes in hopes of preventing the "greener grass syndrome" from sneaking into new, healthy marriages.

This book is striking a melodious chord with many reviewers as well. Here are two links to reviews written by people we've never met and didn't bribe!

If you'd like to order a copy, just click on the Amazon link under the book photo in the right column of this blog.

It's also available at,, and or you can get an autographed copy through the Contact page of our web site
Most Christian bookstores have it in stock or will order it from the publisher (Kregel)