Joyful Marriages


EV Free Fullerton--Couples in Recovery

We often speak to married or engaged couples, most of whom have not had affairs, but this week was different.

On Wednesday, we talked to a group of couples at EV Free Church, who've all had affairs.
The class is taught by Dave Carder, the author of TORN ASUNDER, and he asked us to share our testimony.

These wounded people are just beginning to rebuild their marriages and it was a privilege for us to encourage them. We told them the short version of our story and tried to give them hope for their own futures. Some of them were nodding, some were crying, and one man had his back toward us, with his arms folded, facing the door. I don't think he wanted to hear our message. That's the hard thing about speaking to people: we can't make them listen, we can't make them change. If they don't want their marriage to work, it won't. There has to be an internal decision--a desire--a commitment to stay. Without that, as soon as it gets difficult (and it will) they give up, walk away.

We will continue to pray for them and hope that our story gave them the encouragement they needed. We hope they begin to see the healing that can be theirs --if they choose it.